Sunday, November 07, 2004

Lesson 9 Vander Graph Fun!!!

Lesson: 10.
Take up Hwk: pg. 62, 63 C.P.
Hand back Quiz
Vander Graph Fun – Electricity pamphlet “Ben’s demos”
4. Homework: List 5 potential hazards from using the Vander Graph, List 5 solutions to those hazards. Explain which demo you enjoyed the most and why.

Answers to Questions on Pg. 62, 63

1) Televisions have excess electrons traveling through the screen causing dust particles to go on the screen even after cleaning

2) Socks get charged by walking across carpets and attract dirt and dust with it’s excess electrons

Good Conductors: Fair Conductors: Good Insulators:
Silver Carbon Oil
Copper Nichrome Fur
Gold Human Body Silk
Aluminum Moist Human Skin Wool
Magnesium Acid Solutions Rubber
Nickel Earth Plastic

3) Electrical Cords and plugs are coated with plastic to insulate the excess electrons from jumping onto your body creating a “shock”

Pg. 63

1) The charged rod comes in contact with water molecules redistributing the electrons
2) The electrons are dispersed in the summer due to the humidity whereas winter has very little moisture in the air causing electrical build ups to occur.


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