Friday, October 01, 2004

Quiz Review * Revised

Here is the homework assignment relating to uses for metals and non-metals. By all

means use the internet as your resource. Make sure that any information that you

use is put in YOUR OWN WORDS.

Uses for Metals and Non Metals

Make a chart to determine all of the possible uses you can think of for non-metals and metals include at least 10 items in your chart.


Heating food______Stainless steel___________none

Quiz Topics

Here is a review for your quiz on Monday.

1. Read your notes carefully to help you study and don't be shy about posting your questions on the site if you need help.

2. Particle Theory of Matter to explain states of matter (solid, liquid and, gas)

3. Definitions (heterogeneous, homogenous, phase, alloy, element, compound, mixture, pure substance etc...)

4. Testing for gasses (oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide). Know the different test to determine what type of gas is present

5. Classifying Elements (properties of metals vs. nonmetals). Know the lab and results from the lab.

Try the following website to give yourself a little practice for the periodic table. You all will be awesome be the time we get to the table of periods...



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