Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Lesson 14

The Atom, Standard Atomic Notation, Bohr-Rutherford Diagrams.

Okay it sounds like a lot of information but that's only because it is...


The Atom

Dalton's Atomic Model - text pg. 84 (this information was taken directly out of Nelson Science 9 pg. 84)
- "All matter is made of atoms which are particles too small to see
- Each element has it's own type of atom with it's own particular mass
- Atoms cannot be created or destroyed or [broken up] in chemical changes"

Michael Faraday - Ions - text pg. 84
- "discovered that some atoms gain electrons and some loose electrons during chemical reactions
- matter must contain a positive and negative charge
- opposite charges attract and similar charges repel
- Atoms combine to form molecules because of electrical attractions between atoms"

J.J. Thompson - Subatomic Particles
- Discovery of the electron and proton and neutron

Ernest Rutherford - Nuclear Model
- Electrons are positioned in the "outer orbit" of the atom and are always moving
- Protons and neutrons are in the core or nucleus of the atom (nucleus - hence nuclear model)

Standard Atomic Notation pg. 88 text

When writing the standard atomic notation of the Atom you write the following

35 <---------------------- Mass Number
CL<---------------------- Chemical Symbol
17 <---------------------- Atomic Number

Bohr-Rutherford Diagrams pg. 92 Text

Bohr (planetary) diagrams DO NOT have the number of protons and neutrons listed in the nucleus
- with heat, energy or light the electrons in the outer shell are in an excited state! These electrons are ready to jump to another atom.
- Ground state is when the electrons are in a low energy state ( a full octet). The outer orbit has either 2 electrons (first orbit) or 8 electrons (subsequent outer orbits)

Bohr-Rutherford diagrams DO have the number of protons and neutrons listed in the nucleus.

Here's a practice sheet for you. I have also handed this out in class but if you lost it... here it is.

Here's a website for you to practice your elements:


Complete bohr-rutherford diagrams
Course pack pg. 37
Write out standard atomic notation for first 10 elements.
Colour families course pack pg. 31
** This should not take you more than about 30 min. to complete all of this assigned work. This material will be on Tuesday's quiz along with elements, compounds, and counting atoms.


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