Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lesson 11

Classifying Elements
Click next to this if you want to learn a little about the periodic table (I know we haven't started it yet but... it should be fun anyway)

Lab Investigation:

Our lab investigation today helped us understand some of the physical properties of matter.

Incase you had a hard time copying down today's notes here they are... your welcome!!!

Classifying Elements: Lab Investigation Lesson 10

Topic: Lab: Classifying Elements

Materials Needed: Lab kit for classifying elements

1. Take up homework – pg. 47 # 1-4
2. Read page 48 with class (review lab)
3. Must hand in labs by Monday and Quiz is on Monday (particle theory of matter – states of matter and classifying elements)
4. Complete Lab - Homework – pg. 49 #1-2
5. Upcoming – worksheet on Metals (pg. 50) and testing for elements worksheet.


Classifying Elements

Elements can be sorted into various groups according to similarities between various elements.

In our lab investigation you discovered different Elements have different physical properties including:

Colour Lustre Malleability Density Magnetism Electrical Conductivity

These distinctions help us figure out what groups or families each element belongs to.
Pg. 50 Table 1 and 2 Text.

Metals all share similar properties:
Conduct Electricity
Are easily magnetized
Solid at room temperature
Silvery/copper/gold colours

Non-metals also share similar properties:
Not very dense
Dull (not much luster)
Insulators (do not conduct electricity)
Not attracted by magnets
Gas or solids at room temperature

Uses for Metals and Non Metals

Make a chart to determine all of the possible uses you can think of for non-metals and metals include at least 10 uses.


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